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2010 05 31-06 05 Integrated Breeding Platform Data Management Workshop


The objective of this workshop is to train the data managers from the crop lead center and user cases on information management. These data managers will be the future trainers of the informatics tools. The workshop will include the following activities

  1. Complete the trait dictionary for each crop
  2. Define the template of the Excel fieldbook.
  3. Train the data managers on
    • how to manage the pedigree data
    • how to use the fieldbook
    • transfer fieldbooks to hand-held computers and harvest data from these


Activities & Report


No                           Name                                   Insitution
1 Arturo Franco CIAT
2 Trushar Shah ICRISAT
3 Peteti Prasad ICRISAT
4 Ibrahima Sissoko ICRISAT-Mali
5 Jorge Franco IITA
6 Steve Wanamaker UC-Riverside
7 Gouyou Ye IRRI
8 Warren Constantino * IRRI
9 Ibnou Dieng Africa Rice
10 Tianqing Zheng CAAS-Green Super Rice
11 TR Sharma NRCPB
12 Jiankang Wang CIMMYT
13 Ang Li CAAS - Wheat CI
14 Peter Wenzl CIMMYT
15 Fernando Rojas CIMMYT
16 Clarissa Pimentel * CIMMYT
17 Elliot Tembo Seed  Co
18 Shawn Yates (Virtually)* AAFC
19 Graham McLaren * GCP
20 Diego González de León * GCP
21 Arllet Portugal * GCP
22 Laura Ruiz GCP

* Resources

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